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Hillary Clinton Demanded Recount, IMMEDIATELY Gets SHUT DOWN in BEST WAY EVER!

Hillary and her henchmen spent a lot of time during the campaign denouncing Trump, saying he must accept the election results.

Over and over they repeated this and now we all know why.

They wanted to brainwash American’s into thinking it was Donald Trump who would challenge the results.

All the while they were hatching secret plans to undermine our democracy.

They clearly recruited Jill Stein, who is getting rich off her recount efforts, to be the mouthpiece behind the sham recount.

True to form they are not strong enough to stand up for what they believe in. If Hillary did, she would have called for the recount herself rather than sneakily “joining” it after Stein did the dirty work.

The dems have no backbone, no courage of their conviction. Which is they why they ran this great country into the ground and have zero power in DC or most states.

Conservatives like Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway have courage and stand up for what is right. As you can clearly see in this video where Sean and Kellyanne completely shut down this phony recount.

If you stand with Sean and Kellyanne I need to ask you a favor.

Stand up for our democracy and share this post and demand an end to this scam recount.

Source: Rightjournalist

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