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Hillary Clinton Gave A Shocking Statement About The Situation In Syria Once Again! [DETAILS]

In an interview at the Women in the World Summit in New York on Thursday, Hillary Clinton called for the United States to bomb Syrian airfields and admitted, “I think we should have been more willing to confront Assad.”

“I really believe we should have, and still should, take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop Sarin gas on them,” she said.

Clinton recalled that she “had advocated for a no-fly zone in Syria after leaving government, something that Obama opposed.”

This interview took place only hours before President Trump actually did order an attack on the Syrian airfield.

Clinton also said that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was “a more effective theft, even, than Watergate” and called for a bipartisan investigation. “I don’t want any Republican candidate to be subjected to what I was subjected to. … I don’t want anybody running campaigns to have their communications stolen,” she asserted.

U.S. intelligence agencies have accused Russia of hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee and giving the information to WikiLeaks via a third party. Russia has denied these allegations.

“We aren’t going to let somebody sitting in the Kremlin, with bots and trolls, try to mix up our election. We’ve got to end that, and we have to make sure that is a bipartisan, American commitment,” stated Clinton.

Clinton claims that she lost the presidential election due to two factors: the emails which were disseminated by WikiLeaks and the fact that FBI Director James Comey re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s private email server days before the election.

Clinton also said she will not be running for public office again. Instead, she is writing a book that will explain her travails in running for the presidency.

“For people who are interested in this, the nearly 66 million people who voted for me, I want to give as clear and as credible an explanation as I can,” said Clinton.

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