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Hillary Clinton Makes SICKENING Announcement After Trump Healthcare Bill Fails in House

JUST IN: This afternoon, the House refused to pass Paul Ryan’s replacement plan for Obamacare which was dubbed “Trumpcare.” Many conservatives around the nation are furious at the GOP House members who refused to come together to pass a replacement for the failed Obamacare.

Following the defeat, Hillary Clinton spoke up in a smug tone.

She tweeted about “affordable healthcare being a human right.” Too bad that Obamacare isn’t affordable — people are getting stuck with deductibles as high as $15,000. What good is coverage if you can’t even afford the deductible? You may as well not be covered in the first place.

Leave it up to Hillary Rodham Clinton to make the most smug, irritating statement at this moment.

Clinton and the other Democrats have completely ruined the healthcare system in this country. Obamacare has made healthcare anything but affordable, and has degraded the quality of healthcare as well. Since 2013, premiums have doubled and insurers continue to flee the market.

H/T Truthmonitor

Do you have any hope that the Republicans will be able to repeal and replace it eventually? So far, it’s not looking good…

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