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Hillary Clinton May Have A Health Issues, She Manifested Some Symptoms

After Hillary’s appearance on ABC’s talk show “The View” Wednesday, rumors have surfaced that she is having some kind of neurological breakdown. Hillary Clinton was discussing the Communists but the viewers only saw her brain malfunction. And now her supporters are freaking out.

The whole time Hillary was talking about her loss of the presidential elections, as always giving numerous of explanations and blaming others. So, the people weren’t focused on her words but on her expression and they noticed something odd.

So, let’s explain what is happening with her eye, her uncoordinated eye movement is called a wandering or floating eye, most likely related to serious neurological problems. According to Steven Feldon, MD, most of the neurologic diseases have ocular symptoms. “Since about one-third of our brain deals with processing vision in one way or another, almost any diffuse disease of the brain is going to affect vision,” said Dr. Feldon.

If Hillary really has some kind of brain problems, it would explain why she is repeating herself this past year. Yes, nearly a year has passed and she is still giving the same old excuses why she lost. The first speculations about Hillary’s health began during her campaign trail, when she collapsed and couldn’t walk, so she was escorted by her team in a waiting van.

The left gave a poor explanation about this incident saying it was the inflexibility of the election that got to her. As bizarre this excuse is, they surely won’t be able to use it now.  She has all the time in the world, and as she said she is using it well, with a chardonnay glass in her hand.

She has never addressed her health issues in “What Happened.” And maybe if she did, the people would have bought her book and Amazon wouldn’t have been forced to lower the price of her book by 40%.

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