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Hillary Just Landed On “No-Fly List”… The Clintons Are FURIOUS!

The media worked overtime during the campaign to try to convince Americans that every influential person in our country was in the bag for Hillary Clinton.

From celebrities to CEO’s, so many notable personalities were stumping for the most corrupt candidate in U.S. history. It seemed if you were rich, successful, and “educated,” you’d support a woman who would make it impossible for anyone else to become such.

But as it turns out, there are many celebrities, business leaders, and notables that supported Donald Trump. The media simply ignored them.

From PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel to Hollywood celebs like Scott Baio, many influential people in various industries supported Trump. Now we are getting word that a certain flyboy was in favor of Trump and even kicked Hillary off his planes.

From Joe For America:

No-fly Hillary? Most people know Dan Bilzerian as a millionaire poker player and notorious party boy. His social network boasts more than 20 million people and his net worth is even more impressive, sitting at around $150 million.

But did you know that Bilzerian is also a Trump supporter?

His private jet company, Goat Airways LLC, was being used by the Clinton campaign to cart Hillary from state to state telling her lies, and when Bilzerian got wind of it, he acted quickly, banning her from using his private jets in the future.

When TMZ caught up with him, he joked that he had put Hillary on the “no fly list.”

It’s amazing that we are learning–after the election–of so many people, from various walks of life, that strongly supported Trump. The MSM worked so hard to make us think only outsiders and nobodies wanted him President.

As it turns out, many of us—including business leaders and celebrities—wanted the accomplished, intelligent, experienced business man in the White House.

H/T Patriotjournal

Let’s all raise a glass for Bilzerian, unlikely hero!

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