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Hillary’s Recount Just Blew Up In Her FACE After Wisconsin Judge Hit Her With DEVASTATING Decision

There has been a lot of buzz over the last few days over the possibility of a recount. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has been raising money to try to do a recount in three separate states. Hillary and the rest of the liberals are praying that somehow this recount may overturn the election and they can try to sneak Hillary into office. Well, one Wisconsin judge just hit Hillary with something big, and now it looks like the prayers from those whining liberals will forever be unanswered.

Jill Stein has raised millions already, claiming that the money will go towards paying for the recount, but level-headed Americans, including President-elect Donald Trump, aren’t so convinced. Trump openly called out Stein on Twitter calling the recount campaign of hers a scam to try to raise money for her own greed.

Unfortunately for Stein, Hillary, and the rest of the left, the time for a recount has already run out in the state of Pennsylvania.

Now, Hillary is getting even more bad news. Not only are her hopes for the recount and presidential coup crushed, she’s getting hit with something else as well.

Star Tribune reports that, “A Wisconsin judge has refused to order local officials to conduct the state’s presidential recount by hand.” So after it’s all said and done the Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn just rocked Stein, and therefore Hillary as well, because Stein couldn’t prove that there was any mistakes or irregularities that would merit a machine recount.

So all of Stein’s moronic efforts are in vain, which raises the next logical question that republicans like Trump have been talking about since this whole escapade stared: What is Stein going to do with all those millions that she raised from liberals dumb enough to donate and try to force their failure of a candidate into power?

It serves them right. These liberals just conned by one of their own, just like they would have if Hillary had been elected in the first place.

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Source: US Herald

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