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Hollywood Snowflake Chelsea Handler Trashes Melania Trump… GETS A BRUTAL RESPONSE!

Comedienne and Netflix Host Chelsea Handler showed her true colors in the wake of the women’s marches when she mocked First Lady Melania Trump during an on-camera interview with Variety.

Breitbart reports Handler made it clear “she would never interview President Trump or his wife for her show, even if the President himself had requested the meeting.” All the tolerance and pro-women rhetoric Handler spouted during the women’s march in Washington D.C. was quickly negated when she viciously insulted Melania during (and after) the interview.

And unfortunately for Chelsea, her nonsense isn’t going to fly with President Trump.

As we reported earlier today, the First Lady “has had enough of left-leaning stars taking cheap shots at her and her son Barron.” According to White House insiders, Mrs. Trump is finalizing a team of people to manage and retaliate against these unfair attacks.


It’s a good thing that Mrs. Trump is willing to fight back.

Handler made it clear that she has no limits when it comes to unfairly slandering the Trump family. During the Variety interview, Handler and the reporter are drinking alcoholic beverages as Handler speaks about being less “divisive” so more people will be get involved in politics. Chelsea seems to have a heavier drinking hand than the young reporter.

Yet when Handler was asked by the Variety reported if she would invite Melania on her show, she said, “No. Melania?? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

The alcohol induced rant was very Jekyll and Hyde. Chelsea might want to rethink her embarrassing double standard when it comes to the “inclusion” she’s been preaching.

First of all, Melania Trump is fluent in her native language of Slovenian; as well as in French, Serbian, German, and English. What language does Chelsea Handler speak other than “hand me another vodka?”

Second of all, where is Chelsea’s pro-women message now? What about her pro-immigrant stance? Handler has willingly thrown her credibility in the garbage right along with her dignity.

The egregious bullying didn’t stop there. When questioned further about Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, she said, “I don’t respect either one of those people.”

Instead of apologizing after her hangover wore off, Handler added insult to injury by taking to Twitter and writing, “Blink if you need help @MELANIATRUMP”.

No, Chelsea. Melania Trump does not need your backhanded, sarcastic offer for help. It may be however time for you to check into the nearest rehab facility.

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Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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