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Hollywood Star’s Jaw-Dropping Dress At The Grammy’s Enraged Liberals [PHOTOS]

Singer and songwriter Joy Villa surely knows how to draw attention. She did exactly that at the Grammy’s awards, but not in a way anyone expected. Instead of coming out and bashing Trump, like many Hollywood celebrities do, Villa proudly expressed her support by wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ dress that says ‘Trump’ on the back.

She obviously achieved her goal, receiving tons of media attention for wearing the dress, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

“Who is Joy? True to the lyrics of her song “Vagabonds”, Joy Villa is a singer songwriter who’s never slowing down. Having lived in Hollywood, Seattle, Las Vegas, and now residing in NYC, touring extensively since 2012 to Asia, Australia the US and Europe.

Joy’s favorite genre has always been rock and roll, and she considers herself lucky to be a female that looks different than the normal “Rockstar”.  A classic renaissance woman, she also paints, models, acts, dances, composes poetry, and writes screenplays and books.

Joy grew up with an Italian father and an African American mother, blending two cultures to create a perfect mix. This “mixed life” outpours in her musical influences, listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to Diana Ross, to Blondie and Nirvana as a child.

Joy is a natural music and theater performer, discovering her knack for the stage at the age of 5, in her first theater musical. Joy loves writing songs and has collaborated on numerous projects around the world with producers and other artists.

Joy blends alterntive rock, electro pop, and a dash of hip hop into finely written tunes that aim to motivate, inspire, and get the juices flowing n her fans. Kinky, unexpected, vibrant, spiritual, and bold, Joy Villa is a true entertainer, and feels blessed to be giving her many global fans “The Joy Villa Experience”,” informs Villa’s website.


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