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HOLY COW! Look What Trump Does To Hillary 24 Hours After She Announces Plan To Run In 2020

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton made terrifying announcement of her plans to run against Donald Trump in the next Presidential election, while hosting her own daily talk show.

After she announced her terrifying plans, Donald Trump responded perfectly with his own announcement and had Hillary pissed big time! Hillary has had an “amazing” career, so much corruption and yet has been able to get away with it. But according to Trump’s plans her crooked antics are about to catch up with her in a big way.

Democrats tried to prove that illegals didn’t vote in the election, but we don’t buy their stories. A breaking news story which is a study from a trio of well-regarded scholars has just provided substantial evidence proving that over 1 million illegals participated in the election, substantiating President Trump’s ongoing claims about the massive voter fraud that occurred.

Now when everything is up in the air, Trump is about to launch a full blown investigation into Hillary’s voter fraud, which will potentially ruing her last hopes to run for President in 2020.

FreedomDaily reports, President Trump has alleged that millions of “illegals” voted in the election, and that it was this group — anywhere from 3 to 5 million, he reportedly told a group of lawmakers this week — that handed the popular vote win to Hillary Clinton. The President said that he will have the investigation look into the voting practices of “those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead.”

This is a fact which shows us that Hillary didn’t stand a chance against Trump without her illegals.

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Source: Usanewsflash

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