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HOLY CRAP!! Macy’s Boycotts Donald Trump, America Pays Them Back In the Most Glorious Way Ever

When Donald Trump announced he was running everyone laughed. Thanks to WikiLeaks we learned that Hillary Clinton and her team were overjoyed when Trump won the primaries.

They thought they could be Trump. But Trump had the will of the people behind him.

Macy’s thought they could beat Trump too. Jumping on the liberal smear campaign they famously cut ties with Trump’s brand, refused to sell it.

They gloated for a few days. Basked in the noxious liberal glow.

But they found out the hard way not only does Trump have the will of the people behind him. He has loyal supporters with a lot more money than liberal groups like Black Lives Matter, who never met a handout they didn’t grab.

Trump’s loyal supporters know the best way to protest is not to antagonize the public, but hit back where it hurts.

Just like we did with Macy’s, who just announced they are laying off 10,00 people and closing 100 stores.

These are jobs Trump won’t be saving either.

Take a bow all you loyal Trump supporters, you just crushed one out of the park.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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