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‘Home Improvement’ Son Calls out ‘Narcissism’ of Hollywood Elites: Dividing America and out of Touch

“Home Improvement” son, Zachery Ty Bryan, told “Fox & Friends” that Hollywood elites are dividing middle America with their anti-Trump remarks.

“In Hollywood it’s the fans who make you, and a lot of fans are in middle America. But so many in the business have an elitist perspective,” Bryan said, Fox News reported.

In order to “be on the right side of history,” celebrities Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon urged liberals to vote and volunteer in their video:

Bryan added that there’s “narcism” by elites for thinking they know more than other Americans.

Others, like actor Robert De Niro, have made statements against Trump.

In May 2017, Hollywood liberal, Kathy Griffin, posed with a severed head of Trump, the same way ISIS members present their victims.

“We’re just [in] such need of coming together and realizing that we’re all on the same ship and we don’t want that ship to sink,” Bryan said. “Whether you disagree with the president or you don’t, he’s doing what he feels [is] best and he’s representing a very large majority of people that live in Middle America.”

He urged people to start to try to understand others’ political beliefs, instead of just criticizing the other side.

“So much of it, I feel, in my business comes from this elitist perspective where it’s almost like they’re better than you,” Bryan said. “That’s kind of frustrating because these are really good, hardworking Americans.”

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