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Home Invader Ignores Elderly Couple’s ‘Smith and Wesson Spoken Here’ Sign — Gets Shot Several Times

A burglar learned a hard lesson in taking signs posted on homes seriously after breaking into a home and getting shot by the residents.

Fox 13 reports Christian Holbert broke into the home of an elderly couple. Unfortunately for Holbert, he ignored the sign posted outside the home that read, “Smith and Wesson spoken here.”

Keeping true to what the sign stated, the couple shot the intruder several times, according to the police.

Watch the video below:

The ordeal was not over, however, because by the time sheriff deputies arrived, the would-be burglar stripped naked and ran to confront them.

“Taser was used multiple times,” Lt. Dan Schlosser said. “He did not respond to that but the deputies were able to subdue him.”

After being taken into custody, Holbert was taken to a hospital by helicopter in serious condition. Based on Holbert’s behavior, the police say drugs were likely involved.

Police say the homeowners will not be facing charges. “They did fear for their lives and they did shoot at him,” Schlosser said.

This is not the first time criminals have ignored signs warning about home-owners being armed.

In May, Chuck Jackson, a retired police officer, had to shoot a trespasser after an altercation broke out between the two. Jackson had a sign outside his home that read, “Never mind the dog, beware of owner.”

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