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HORROR: South Bend Abortionist Kept Remains Of 2,246 Murdered Babies At Home

A late abortionist form South Bend, Indiana, kept the remains of some 2,246 aborted babies at his property, according to police.

Soon after abortionist Ulrich Klopfer died on September 3, an attorney representing his family reached out to the Will County Coroner’s Office requesting “proper removal” of remains of aborted babies they found on Klopfer’s property, reported WNDU 16 News Now. Upon further investigation, police found literally thousands of unborn children at the man’s property.

“There is no evidence that any medical procedures were conducted at the property, according to the sheriff’s office, and the family is cooperating fully with the investigation,” the report noted.

In 2015, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspended the abortionist’s medical license after a presentation of 12 hours of testimony, WNDU 16 News Now reported:

Klopfer allegedly failed to provide counseling information to patients undergoing abortion procedures, as required by state law. Klopfer also allegedly failed to properly complete and submit records to the state Department of Health when abortions were performed on two 13-year-old girls.

The abortionist was hit with a $3,000 fine and mandated to “undergo special training and certification should he decide to ever petition for his license to be reinstated.”

Standing outside the shuttered Women’s Pavilion in South Bend in August of 2016, Klopfer blasted pro-lifers over his suspension. “Well let me put it this way, the Attorney General’s Office and the Right-to-Lifers are in bed together. How is that?” he said.

The pro-abortion Whole Woman’s Health Alliance said they were “shocked” by news on Klopfer.

“All of us at Whole Woman’s Health Alliance are shocked by yesterday’s news. We join the community seeking more information and awaiting the results of the investigation,” the statement reads. “Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend is proud to serve the community with high-quality abortion care services that respect the dignity of women and families. We adhere to the highest healthcare standards and we treat our patients with compassion and respect when they need it most.”

“Every human life is precious, and every woman and baby deserves care and respect,” said Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) in a statement. “This tragic case shows why abortion providers must be held to strict guidelines and face rigorous oversight. I will be looking into federal legislation to ensure the remains of aborted babies are always treated with dignity, including in the case of chemical abortions.”

In 2013, abortionist Kermit Gosnell, dubbed “America’s biggest serial killer” was charged with the murders of seven infants and one woman. “Gosnell used scissors to sever the spinal cords of hundreds of live babies. One employee of the Philadelphia clinic testified that she personally witnessed this procedure — ‘snipping,’ Gosnell called it — at least 30 times. In some cases, she was given the child’s severed feet to put in a jar and keep as a trophy,” reported The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

Gosnell’s clinic, referred to as the “house of horrors,” had “fetuses and blood all over the place,” a medical student described, according to Walsh. “You could hear the screams of children who were born alive and then decapitated. Carcasses and body parts were stored in shoe boxes, water jugs, jars, and break room refrigerators. And this is to say nothing of the unsanitary medical equipment which caused disease and infection in the patients. One woman had to go to a hospital and have part of her intestine removed after contracting an infection from Gosnell’s butcher shop. One woman died because of his gross malpractice.”

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