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Hosts On ‘The View’ Claim Obama Administration Was ‘Scandal-Free.’ Meghan McCain Cracks Up.

On Tuesday, the leftist intellectual giants on ABC’s “The View” could not stop gushing about how the Obama administration was “scandal-free,” causing co-host Meghan McCain to burst out laughing at the absurdity of the claim as they berated her, as Newsbusters reported.

Co-host Abby Huntsman got the ball rolling when she stated:

My issue is the hypocrisy right now. I hate hypocrisy in politics and if this were on the other foot, if this were the Obama Administration, and there were 25 officials that had been denied, or that had been, said, “We have concerns,” and they still got overridden, this would be the top issue right now for every Republican in the country. And it should be for every single American.

The omniscient Joy Behar stepped in: “None of this happened—I remember when people say, ‘This was Obama.’ Nothing like this, even remotely close, ever happened in the Obama Administration. Completely scandal-free.”

McCain couldn’t help herself; she burst out laughing. Behar snapped, “Can you name a scandal?”

McCain answered, “Yes, but I don’t want to do this with you this morning.”

Behar pressed, “I’d like to hear a scandal that was in the Obama administration.”

McCain fired back, ““The Iran deal. Number one. I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran. Yeah, that’s a big scandal.”

Co-host Ana Navarro sarcastically interjected, “I’ll give you an Obama scandal. He wore a tan suit. Michelle showed her arms. And he ate Grey Poupon!”

Co-Host Sunny Hostin echoed, ““I’m just saying — the Obama-administration was indeed scandal-free!”

It’s too bad that the leftist co-hosts on “The View” don’t read conservative sites: In January 2017, just before Obama left office, Newsbusters gave a quick rundown of “The Seven Most Undercovered Obama Scandals,” prompted by claims of a scandal-free Obama administration from assorted media figures such as former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw, Time magazine’s Joe Klein, ABC’s Jon Karl, NPR’s Steve Inskeep, and Time’s Rana Foroohar.

Some of the scandals of the Obama administration included Obama’s IRS targeting the Tea Party; the Fast and Furious scandal; lying to the American public about the Iran deal; the Benghazi massacre and subsequent spin by the administration; the biggest data breach in the federal government’s history, at the Office of Personnel Management and the VA scandal, just to name a few.

As John Fund and Hans Spakovsky wrote in The Wall Street Journal in January 2017:

One reason for Mr. Obama’s penchant for secrecy is his habit of breaking rules—from not informing Congress of the dubious prisoner swap involving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban, to violating restrictions on cash transfers to Iran as part of a hostage-release deal. The president’s journalistic allies are happily echoing the “scandal-free” myth. Time’s Joe Klein claims Mr. Obama has had “absolutely no hint of scandal” in his presidency. The media’s failure to cover the Obama administration critically has been a scandal in itself—but at least the president can’t be blamed for that one.

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