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House Republicans Have Big Plans Ahead Of August Recess

August in D.C. is a magical time. Congress is out on recess, meaning staffers, lobbyists, and anyone else connected to Capitol Hill doesn’t have much to do, so they leave #ThisTown. Imagine if one of the largest employers in your town took a month off and huge numbers of staff left the area. The traffic is clearer, the sun shines brighter, and you might actually be able to get a Georgetown Cupcake without waiting in a line. Okay, so it’s really just the traffic thing, but that’s worth it, am I right?

This is the last week before that glorious period known as August recess, and House Republicans aren’t slipping on their campaign shoes and packing their seersucker suits just yet. No, this week House leadership plans to vote on some pretty big bills, including an expansion of health savings accounts and rolling back some Obamacare taxes. They will also pass a short-term patch for flood insurance and, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hopes, pass a conference report to supplement fiscal year 2019 defense spending, according to Roll Call.

“This House is committed to rebuilding our military and ensuring our brave men and women in uniform have the equipment and training they need to successfully carry out their mission,” McCarthy said Thursday on the House floor.

Senators, meanwhile, won’t get a recess, and will be busy beyond this week confirming judges and President Donald Trump’s pick to take over the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as passing appropriations bills.

So I guess traffic will only be a little better next month.

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