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Howard Kurtz Explains Why This “Grand Jury” Excitement Is Misplaced

The mainstream media is feeling excited after one information leaked about President Trump.

The latest news that a grand jury is being presented with evidence of President Trump and Russia collusion, had the liberals filled with excitement, but they shouldn’t be too excited yet.

Howard Kurtz, Fox News “Media Buzz” journalist and former veteran, had some interesting points.

Kurtz explained this excitement in details, over the news that Robert Mueller had impaneled a grand jury to be presented with evidence in the investigation into Trump campaign.

Kurtz concludes that this excitement is misplaced.

Firstly, Mueller impaneling the grand jury is just a standard procedure, it’s how every investigation proceeds in determining whether a crime was committed.

“The shocker would have been if Mueller completed his investigation without bringing in a grand jury,” he said.

Stunned by the news The Washington Post reported that this is “a sign that investigators continue to aggressively gather evidence in the case.”

Kurtz explains this very well: “True. Did anyone expect anything less?”

The liberal USA Today wrote “the move would give Mueller, a former FBI director, enormous power to subpoena documents and compel witnesses to testify under oath,” trying not be outshined.

Kurtz said: “Yep. Which he already had.”

Meaning this is only a standard procedure.

We mustn’t forget that all this began with former FBI Director James Comey leaking the transcripts to The New York Times.

Also, Grand Jury proceedings should be secret, but this one was revealed to the Wall Street Journal by “people familiar with the matter.”

The real problem here is how the media is making it look that gathering a grand jury is the worst thing that can happen, when is a just procedure. Anyhow, they are harming Trump’s presidency with this publicity, which was the point of the leak.

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