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HUUUGE!!! Donald Trump Is Making History! Obama Never Did THIS…

When was the last time Obama supported the military? Never? Unlike our President, Donald Trump did a few smart moves.

He is attending the Navy Midshipmen vs. the Army Black Knights football game in Baltimore. It’s happening on December 10. This would be the 117th game, but as Angry Patriot Movement reports, it is the first time a President-elect attends it.

Obama watched just one game in these eight years. One game! He attended a game in 2011, and Biden did it in 2012.

Although Obama didn’t even enter the White House, he is still willing to take part in the event. The military will sure appreciate it.

He is even planning to bring General “Mad Dog” Mattis, a retired Marine, to this game. The veteran enjoys great respect by the Marines, and the military in general. He is an awesome leader who loves his country.

You have to agree that this is a huge moment for every American out there.

“Army-Navy games are an annual pilgrimage for the last eight years for me. It is an awe-inspiring experience, full of pageantry, flyovers, and a stadium filled with Americans who aren’t afraid to belt out our anthem and, like me, shed a tear or two as the gravity of the choices our Midshipmen and Cadets have made truly hit home,” Mattis said.

He added, “It is a football game, but it is so much more. The field and the stands are filled with our future officers, their proud families, the veterans who came before them, and grateful Americans like me (who also happen to love football).”

Tradition requires that Trump sits with the Cadets during the first part of the game, and then go to the Midshipmen side for the other half of the game. In this way he is supporting both sides.

Military branches use these friendly games to decide who is the best. They may be fighting for one cause, but they are still rivals during the game. Sounds fun, right?

The first game was played in 1890. The winner gets the “bragging rights.” A little sports is always a good idea, right?

Do you think trump is doing well in this field? He is definitely a better President than Obama, and we’re already seeing the benefits of the elections.

Source: Worldpoliticus

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