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‘I Hate to Break It to You’: Fox Contributor David Webb Blasts CNN Analyst Accusing Him of ‘White Privilege’

Fox News contributor and SiriusXM Radio host David Webb made a hilarious revelation to CNN legal analyst Areva Martin after she accused him of benefiting from white privilege, according to audio pulled by Mediaite.

Webb and Martin were discussing a CBS News controversy. CBS landed in hot water after it announced its 2020 presidential campaign reporting team and there were no black journalists included.

Many expressed their concern about the lack of representation for black reporters in 2020, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

This debate sparked one between Martin and Webb.

“Shouldn’t their requirement — their primary requirement, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of network — be that they are capable of covering politics?” Webb questioned. He pointed out that an experienced sports reporter still would not be qualified to lead 2020 campaign coverage because that is not an area of expertise.

“I never considered my color the issue [with finding reporting jobs], I considered my qualifications the issue,” Webb said.

That comment fired Martin up.

“That’s a whole ‘nother long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” Martin said.

When Webb questioned how she could accuse him of white privilege, she told him “by virtue of being a white male, you have white privilege.”

Unfortunately for Martin, Webb is not a white male.

“Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped,” Webb said. “I’m black.”

Webb called Martin’s comments “insulting.”

Martin apologized to Webb and explained her team had given her incorrect information that led her to believe that Webb was white, though it didn’t really matter because her argument had already imploded so epically.

“This is part of the problem with driving a narrative around a construct like white privilege,” Webb told Martin.

Although the comment insulted Webb, he took it in stride and made several jokes about it on social media.

As Webb noted, he has had a diverse career in radio. He started on “rock radio” in Boston and continued on, eventually landing at Fox News.

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