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IDIOTS! Late-Night Comedy Writers Just Made Shock Statement About President Trump

Late-night comedy writers are reportedly frustrated that their unoriginal, stale, tired, and unfunny criticisms of President Donald Trump are not persuading Americans to hate him.

At a Beverly Hills “Has Politics Made Late-Night Great Again?” panel, a writer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee whined that there just may not be a way for late-night comics to reach “the other side,” acknowledging the industry’s left-wing bias.

According to Variety, panelists “included Ashley Nicole Black, a writer for ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,’ Christine Nangle, head writer for ‘The President Show,’ Hallie Haglund, writer for ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,’ and Jason Reich, head writer for ‘The Jim Jefferies Show.’”

“I truly do not know if there’s a way to reach the other side,” Black reportedly said. “Not in terms of content but in terms of straight eyeballs. People only watch certain channels and read certain outlets. We’re not going to put a ‘Full Frontal’ commercial on Fox. The real problem in our country is people in our country, their media diets are so separated.”

Reich reportedly wondered how much they were “preaching to the choir.”

“We’re not really going to convert anyone but we’re trying to point things out that people may have missed,” he said, adding that he found Trump’s presidency “exhausting.” He said it was not fun keeping up with the never-ending news cycle.

Nangle, apparently without any sense of irony and self-awareness of her industry, said Trump is “unearthing part of our country that people didn’t know existed” because “there’s so much more hate and resentment than we possibly could have imagined … This man didn’t come out of nowhere.”

As Breitbart News’ Jerome Hudson has documented, Hollywood celebrities have been some of the most vile and unhinged during Trump’s presidency, with many envisioning violence (including murder) against Trump.

According to Variety, “‘I don’t want this job’ was the general feeling among the writers” on the panel who were apparently exhausted that their oh-so-clever writing is failing to win over Trump’s supporters.

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