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Should Illegal Immigrants That Commit Crimes Be Deported Immediately?

Before he was even elected, President Trump had announced that he would do everything in his power to crack down on illegals flooding our country. Despite opposition from the Dems, Trump is holding true to his word.

The Left often INSISTS that illegals should be welcome here. The obvious question here is WHY? They are NOT good for small communities or our country as a whole. Consider this fact alone: People who are here illegally have been convicted up to a staggering 75% for committing federal crimes, according to Politifact.

You first have to take into consideration that just by crossing the border, they are committing a crime. These people have NO RIGHT to be here. We have a completely legal process to enter this country, and if they can’t follow the SIMPLE entry rules, they do not deserve to be here.

They should be barred from entering legally after they get caught trying to sneak in. There is already a clear sign that they show no regard for our laws or ways of life. If they can’t follow rule number one, what makes you think they are going to turn into law abiding citizens?

Due to the high number of terrorist attacks occurring around the world, we should be VERY concerned about illegals entering the country. If you recall, England had upwards of FOUR MASSIVE terror attacks just over a month ago. They are still reeling and living in a state of fear, wondering when the next attack is going to happen.

Many people died as a result of these terrorists. Children at an Ariana Grande concert lost their lives when a man in a suicide vest decided to lose his mind one day. On top of that, there were random attacks with vehicles, stabbings, and more. It is pure insanity, all because of lax immigration laws.

Do we want to have to worry about stuff like that happening HERE? Of course, not! We don’t want to think about the possibility of terror attacks on a near daily basis.

Luckily, President Trump is doing everything in his power to make sure that our country is safe and secure — even if the Democrats can’t stop whining long enough to see that we are trying to save their lives.

The Left is going to continue to fight to keep illegals here at any cost. It is disgusting that they don’t see the risk to their friends and families by allowing people to flock here unvetted. How do they not understand the BURDEN of allowing millions of extra people here every year?

Do Democrats honestly believe that we can sustain an unlimited amount of people? They must think that way. Otherwise, they wouldn’t encourage everyone to come here.

We wonder if the Dems have considered from where all of the necessary money would come to facilitate those millions. How would we pay for subsidized housing, food stamps, monthly checks, and more for their illegal immigrants that speak no English and have no work skills? Do you think they are going to pay for these people out of their own pocket? Yeah, right.

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