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Infant Delivered Prematurely Following Terror Attack Passes Away; Hamas Celebrates Killer

The Israeli infant who was delivered prematurely following his mother’s critical injury in a drive-by shooting by Palestinian terrorists has passed away.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, seven Israelis were injured after terrorists opened fire on them as they waited at a bus stop near the town of Ofra on Sunday. Among the injured were a 21-year-old pregnant woman and her husband.

The woman was rushed to Shaare Zedek Hospital where doctors successfully delivered her child, after which he was taken to a ward for premature infants.

Shehab, a Hamas-linked news agency, shared the following message from the Palestinian terrorist organization after the shooting:

We value the blessed firing, which points to the presence of resistance in the occupied West Bank despite the ongoing attempts to eradicate it, and demonstrates the ability of the resistance to hurt the enemy and penetrate its fortifications in its most sensitive security positions

Although both his mother and father were stabilized after sustaining critical injuries, the baby boy passed away on Wednesday, and was later buried at the Mount of Olives cemetery. The Times of Israel reports that approximately 300 people were in attendance.

Avi Mayer, assistant executive director for the American Jewish Community (AJC), sent out the following tweets regarding the funeral:

This image of a newborn baby being laid to rest should become seared in our collective consciousness. His name—given at his funeral—was Amiad Israel and he was prematurely delivered after his mother was critically wounded in a Palestinian terror attack Sunday. There are no words.

His parents, Shira and Amichai, are still hospitalized due to the wounds they sustained in Sunday’s attack and were thus unable to attend their firstborn son’s funeral.

The deceased was eulogized by his grandfather, Refael Ish-Ran:

Amichay and Shira, our hearts are torn from pain, the pain of loss – but your newly born son Amiad Yisrael, our newborn grandchild, may God avenge his blood.

He’s done so much already before he was ever four days old. He united the people of Israel and the world, recruiting prayers, hugs, teachings, and love. He brought many of us closer to studying Torah, to prayer, to being kind, and to love. He was committed to the commandment to honor your mother and father through determination to stay alive until his wounded parents could meet him, hug him, kiss him, and say goodbye.

And finally, here and now he is fulfilling the commandment to live in the land of Israel, here in the united city of Jerusalem, our eternal capital.

This baby declares, Amiad Yisrael declares, sons of terrorists, you should know that our family is strengthened by our faith in God, and we believe that God has given us this experience, and we accept it, with pain and with love. From this, our beloved couple Shira and Amichay will continue their blessed path in determination and dedication to all the people of our holy family. Amiad Yisrael, the son of Shira Yael and Amichay Yishay, go in peace and rest in peace. We love you a lot and thank you for the gift of three days. May your memory be a blessing.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, after a raid on Wednesday evening, four suspects in the Ofra shooting were apprehended, and one was shot dead as he attempted to attack Israeli forces.

Hamas has celebrated the deceased terrorist, calling him a “martyr” multiple times.

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