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Iran Is Claiming That U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Fired The Second Warning This Week

Iran is saying that U.S. Navy aircraft carrier allegedly fired the second warning this week an Iranian vessel.

According to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, America is the provoker in the incident that happened Friday in the Persian Gulf. Pentagon hasn’t commented still.

“The supercarrier USS Nimitz and its accompanying warship, while being monitored by the Guards’ frigates, flew a helicopter near the Resalat oil and gas platform and approached the force’s ships,” Iran stated.

“The Americans, in a provocative and unprofessional move, sent a warning message to the frigates and fired flares,” Iran stated, claiming that its ships “ignored the unconventional move by the U.S. ships and continued their mission, after which the supercarrier and its warship left the area.”

U.S. officials stated that the USS Thunderbolt that was also involved in the drill with American and other vessels in the Persian Gulf, fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel that was approaching the U.S. aircraft carrier in a distance of 150 yards

The Thunderbolt was worried that they might crash and fired few warning shot from its .50-caliber machine gun into the water, the officials stated.

Iran stated that their vessel never came close to the U.S. aircraft carrier and that the Thunderbolt did the wrong thing.

U.S. and Iranian ships had many other incidents this year.

In June, an Iranian vessel aimed a laser on an American helicopter along with American ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

In April, U.S. claimed that an Iranian vessel was behaving in an “unprofessional but also provocative” way when was coming close to the USS Mahan.

On Friday, U.S. implemented new restrictions against Iran after it performed an unsuccessful missile test.

Abbas Araghchi the Iranian negotiator stated that the restrictions are not following the Iranian nuclear deal made when Obama was president.

The new restrictions are a “hostile” break off the deal, Aeaghchi stated.

“It is a breach of the deal in articles 26, 28 and 29,” he stated, “A strong answer will be given to the action by the U.S.

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