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ISIS-Loving Muslim Immigrant SPITS on Police, Gets INSTANT TEXAS JUSTICE

This is one of those Muslim immigrants that Obama did such a good job of vetting.

Hopefully, the sarcasm was obvious.

Wahib Sadek Hamed is a Muslim immigrant living in Texas.

Recently, he was pulled over by police for reckless driving in the city of Arlington. Witnesses said he had also threatened a woman with a knife before police arrived.

Hamed immediately exited his vehicle and began aggressively approaching the officer.

His first mistake.

While initially pulling out his gun, the officer instead opted for a taser – yet further evidence that the police don’t WANT to shoot people, but sometimes have no other choice.

It was at this point that the suspect shouted something about supporting ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

Officers wasted no time. Three taser blasts later, Hamed was on the ground writhing in pain.

But this is Texas. The officers weren’t alone.

A number of passersby immediately jumped into the fray and helped police subdue and handcuff Hamed.

“Everyone helped out,” said one eye witness. “It was pretty crazy.”

It will come as little surprise at this point in the story that a number of weapons, including assault rifles, were found in Hamed’s vehicle following his arrest.

Great job, Obama. Way to keep the terrorists out.

H/T: Conservativepost

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