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Israel Threatens Obama, Makes MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT About Trump

Israel is pissed at Barack Obama.  It stayed mostly silent on Obama’s total disregard of Israel, only injecting itself in the debate when its security, its very existence was threatened.

The culprit, the one threatening Israel, none other than President Obama. Now they are hitting back.

They claim to have proof, solid, irrefutable proof that Obama did a lot more than just allow the resolution to pass.

No, they claim they have proof Obama, out of sheer pettiness, encouraged, organized and pushed threw the resolution.

This is a bombshell claim. Because sitting by and doing nothing is bad. Actively working against Israel is horrible.

It goes against long standing US policy.

Sets a dangerous precedent.

But mostly, leaves a key ally standing alone against the common enemy – radical Islam.

Obama betrayed Israel, plain and simple. Israel has proof of his duplicity and they are going to give it to Trump.

Who will quickly reverse this, among many more Obama policies.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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