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Israel’s U.N. Ambassador To Abbas: Stop Paying Terrorists And Help Your People Instead

On Tuesday, Palestinian Authority chieftain and infamous kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas delivered a keynote address at the United Nations. According to Algemeiner, Abbas performed his usual song and dance and lambasted Israel in no uncertain terms:

“Palestine cannot be an exception,” Abbas stated, during a passage of his speech that discussed sustainable development goals. “We also suffer under the yoke of a foreign occupation.”

Abbas went on to condemn Israel’s “colonization and occupation of the ‘State of Palestine,'” accusing the Jewish state of “obstructing cohesive development for all peoples of the region.”

“Palestine” is, of course, not actually a state under any of the internationally recognized laws and norms pertaining to statehood. This longstanding American stance was recently confirmed by National Security Advisor John Bolton during an October press conference at the White House. Nonetheless, the so-called “State of Palestine” has had the status of “non-member observer state” at the U.N. since 2012, and the U.N.’s unsatiable monolithic obsession with censuring Israel is well known.

Following Abbas’s legally inaccurate and defamatory screed, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon responded in brutal fashion. Danon shot back to Abbas that the Palestinian Authority “should stop spending seven percent of its annual budget on inciting and paying terrorist salaries, and instead use it to develop its infrastructure and help its people.”

Danon’s reference to that seven percent budgetary figure should not catch savvy followers of American politics by surprise. Indeed, the Palestinian Authority’s “pay-to-slay” program, in which Abbas’s government financially subsidizes the families of jihadi “martyrs” who maim or murder Israeli Jews, has come under intense scrutiny in recent years from U.S. legislators. The Taylor Force Act, named after a West Point graduate stabbed to death by a Palestinian-Arab jihadist in 2016, passed Congress last March as part of an omnibus spending bill. The Act suspended all continued U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority unless and until all such stipiends to jihadi “marytrs” affirmatively cease. At the time the Act passed Congress, Danon described Ramallah’s “pay-to-slay” program as “despicable.”

The Tower breaks down how Danon arrived at the seven percent figure:

According to figures from the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the PA paid NIS 687 million ($198 million) to so-called “martyrs’ families fund” and NIS 550 million ($160 million) to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club—some seven percent of its overall budget in 2017.

Glorification of the Palestinian narrative at the expense of Israel is a routine occurence in Turtle Bay. The body that infamously declared Zionism to be a form of racism in 1975 is the same body in which former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill recently called for Israel’s annihilation with the ubiquitous eliminationist rallying cry that justice requires a “free Palestine from the river to the sea.” The Trump administration has taken numerous conscientious measures to push back against institutional anti-Israel bias at the U.N., including by formally withdrawing from both UNESCO and the U.N. Human Rights Council.

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