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‘It’s Cowardice’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refers to Four-Star General John Kelly as a Coward

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) caught the attention of many patriots when she called White House chief of staff John Kelly a coward.

From protests in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi‘s (D-Calif.) office to blasting Sebastian Gorka on Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez isn’t afraid to call anyone out when she thinks he or she is wrong. However, her latest jab at Kelly raised some eyebrows.

Ocasio-Cortez demanded that Kelly make a public apology for comments he made about Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.).

In 2017, Kelly claimed that Wilson bragged about securing funding for a federal building that had been named after slain FBI agents. Kelly said he was frustrated with Wilson making the event about herself. However, footage of her speech from the alleged event doesn’t show Wilson making any such claim.

He also slammed Wilson for listening in on a phone call between President Donald Trump and Myeshia Johnson, whose husband died in an ambush in Niger. Kelly claimed Wilson politicized a private moment by slamming Trump for allegedly saying Johnson’s husband “knew what he signed up for.”

Kelly stood by the comments made during his feud with Wilson.

“I’ll apologize if I need to. But for something like that, absolutely not,” he said. “I stand by my comments.”

Wilson, on the other hand, is still waiting for Kelly to apologize.

Wilson also has the support of several of her Democratic colleagues, who used Kelly’s exit from the White House as an opportunity to renew the call for an apology.

However, Ocasio-Cortez took the calls to the next level, calling Kelly a coward.

This tweet enraged many Americans. Kelly served as a four-star Marine Corps general before entering the White House. He also became a Gold Star parent after his son died in Afghanistan.

Several took to Twitter to call out Ocasio-Cortez for her insensitive comments.

Although this was the lowest blow that Ocasio-Cortez has dealt Kelly, it is not the first time she has called him out in defense of Wilson. She also used immigration as a gateway to discuss claims against Kelly.


Clearly, there is no love lost between Kelly and Wilson. It looks like Ocasio-Cortez can be added to that list as well.

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