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Ivanka Supporters Just Got Even In The Most CLEVER Way & DESTROYED Gay Man Who Verbally Attacked Her On Recent Flight

Perhaps the only way to actually recount this incident is to actually list the many “ironies” within each category of intolerance from these two repulsive individuals, in that both are “gay, Jewish, New Yorkers”, one is an “attorney” and the other a “professor”.

Moreover this incident on a JetBlue flight should dispel once and for all the sheer hypocrisy of the radical left, who for some strange reason actually consider themselves enlightened, understanding and compassionate, while terrorizing and displaying the crudest behavior imaginable.

Case in point; Attorney Daniel Goldstein of Brooklyn and his “self described  husband”,  Matthew Lasner, an urban studies professor, had no compulsion in verbally assaulting and harassing Ivanka Trump on a flight from New York to San Francisco on Thursday.


The two leftist loons created such an  uproar that they were finally kicked off the flight, however perhaps the most distressing was the fact that they are apparently raising a child together, and one can only imagine by their actions, the type of family values they’re teaching that young and impressionable mind.

Lasner aside from being a professor at Hunter College, is also an author, with a book currently appearing on Amazon titled “High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century”, which apparently is “enjoying a backlash” from Trump supporters, receiving over “100 one-star reviews,” and for an author that’s the kiss-of-death.

Tagging Lasner in many cases a; “liberal idiot that harasses a young mother and her three children aboard a Jet Blue airline.”

However some reviewers used a bit of sarcastic humor in stating their displeasure:This book goes nowhere, like missing a flight. Book left me feeling like I was stuck at an airport. Story didn’t have any altitude. Hopefully it’s not made into an in flight movie.”

Moreover aside from the negative reviews on Lasner’s Amazon book page, both these vile individuals have been branded as “scum of the earth, d*****bags, political terrorists” and perhaps the best one yet “heterophobic bigots!”




These liberal haters tried to lie their way out of it by saying they were had “simply expressed displeasure in a calm tone” but a previous tweet of Goldstien’s tells the real truth.


Perhaps the most revealing about these two disgusting individuals, is their own written words on Twitter: “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial, my husband chasing them down to harass them.” #banalityofevil’

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Source: Daily Mail

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