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Ivanka Trump FINALLY Got Revenge Against Nordstrom – This is AMAZING!

As Trump’s campaign gathered steam, it appeared that liberals decided the best way to fight back was to stop buying Ivanka Trump’s products.

Instead of weathering the storm, Nordstrom decided to cut bait and bow to the liberal fold and stopped selling her products altogether.

But, revenge is sweet, and online retailer Amazon continued to sell and Ivanka’s fans continued to buy, resulting in Ivanka’s perfume line now being ranked #1 on the site, ahead of the likes of Estee Lauder and Jennifer Lopez’s brands, via MarketWatch.

While Nordstrom issued numerous statements that they made their decision because her lines were not selling, I find that hard to believe.

I do not doubt that liberals stopped buying, but I believe there was pressure being put on the store, by liberals, to stop being the main outlet for Ivanka’s products.

We all know how much liberals like to protest, so the store made the conscious decision to stop selling her products, ignoring its quieter conservative base for the loudmouths in the liberal camps.

Nordstrom only made matters worse by making such a big deal about cutting her line. If they were not trying to make a statement, they would have very quietly cut ties with Ivanka, but that was not the case here.

By going so public with their decision, they drew a line in the sand, one conservatives quickly made note of.

As I recall, not long after the announcement was made, the company’s stock took a noticeable dip as conservatives did what they do best in cases such as this, they fought back with their wallets.

Not only that, but I suspect there are now plenty of conservatives that used to spend a lot of money with the chain that will never do so again. All you have to is look at the tweet Scott Baio sent out to realize how much this will hurt their bottom line.

His yearly bill alone was topping $30,000, so imagine the conservatives that shop there that are not quite as vocal and public as Mr. Baio.

Ivanka and conservatives are definitely getting the last laugh here.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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