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Ivanka Trump Just Got Vengeance Against The Airplane Harasser In A Major Way, Awesome!

Ivanka was recently harassed by a gay man on an airplane in front of her children. He screamed “‘Why is she on our flight!? She should be flying private!” and various other things about how her father is ruining the country. The man was kicked off screaming that he was just ‘expressing his opinion’. The man refused to comment on the incident further and some despicable liberals defended the man’s right to harass Ivanka. However, the man had to face justice.

Matthew Lasner, is the husband of the harasser, who wrote a status about how proud he was of his husband for the harassing. The internet took revenge on him by leaving bad and funny reviews on his book called “High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century.”

According to the Daily Mail, user ‘fmp4369’ wrote: ‘This book goes nowhere, like missing a flight. Book left me feeling like I was stuck at an airport. Story didn’t have any altitude. Hopefully it’s not made into an in flight movie.’ Some wrote that they used the book as toilet paper.

Some took more serious approaches and just wrote “liberal idiot that harasses a young mother and her three children aboard a Jet Blue airline…’

The book has received over 100 one star reviews making its rating go down significantly. Did these reviewers do the right thing by getting back at him?

Source: Conservative101

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