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Ivanka Trump Just MADE HISTORY After What She Did In White House Last Night!

Isn’t it just amazing? When anything goes slightly wrong, the mainstream media won’t shut up about it. However, when something GREAT happens, like what Ivanka Trump just did, they are NOWHERE to be found!

Last night, Ivanka attended a roundtable event organized by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

What makes this so incredible is that it is the FIRST EVER meeting of top Latina entrepreneurs. Of course, it would happen under President Trump!

One of the attendees, Lili Gil Valletta, wrote after the meeting,

“This is a historic first, making it her first meeting with Latina entrepreneurs. We talked about our businesses, the challenges we face as women and left the door open to jointly collaborate to advance opportunities for all women.”

To make it even more amazing, the HCC is headed by Javier Palomarez, who used to oppose Trump but now works as his unofficial advisor.

Leave it to the Trump family to lead the way promoting women leaders in the workplace from ALL races. You know why? Because he is the President of ALL American Citizens.

H/T Libertywritersnews

Hey, if the Mainstream Media doesn’t wanna tell this story, that’s fine. We will SHARE it out to every Liberal and Conservative we know so the whole world can see the TRUTH!

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