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Ivanka Trump Just Received JAW DROPPING NEWS… Supporters in SHOCK!

As you know by now, Nordstroms’ recently made the “business decision” to drop Ivanka’s clothing line from their stores. While liberals and those on the left celebrated the move, many of her supporters were worried that this would spell doom for the first daughter and her fashion products. Well, not so fast…

It seems that the sales of Ivanka’s perfumes have really taken off on Amazon. In fact, sales were so brisk over the weekend that Ivanka’s fragrances now hold the top 3 spots on the Amazon best sellers list, beating out scents by Estee Lauder, Jennifer Lopez, and Brittany Spears among others.

H/T Conservativebrief

Way to go, Ivanka! It’s great to see that Nordstroms’ “business decision” is backfiring big time and that a classy lady is rising above it all!

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