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Ivanka Trump Just Did More For Working Women Than Pelosi and Hillary Have Done In Their Entire Careers

Ivanka Trump convened a meeting in the Roosevelt Room in the White House to discuss pro-family tax benefits she and her father introduced on the campaign trail last fall. She is pushing for a deduction for child-care expenses that will revolutionize how working women are able to care for their children.

The democrats of course, remember they claim to be for women’s rights and working families, plan a major opposition to Ivanka’s initiatives.

Proving once and for all liberals are all talk and don’t care about the people they profess to fight for.

While the House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady said they’ve had “preliminary and very productive discussions about making childcare more affordable.”

Helping working women juggle the tremendous demands of working and raising children is Ivanka’s major cause. It’s shocking that no democrat is on board. Shocking they would play partisan politics with such a crucial issue to America.

Some of Ivanka’s critics agree with her on this crucial issue. Sheila Marcelo, the founder of told Bloomberg speaking of the upcoming Trump tax overhaul. “Ivanka is really pushing that none of it gets passed unless it includes the child care tax plan.”

H/T Worldnewspolitics

Ivanka is a true champion of working women. Pelosi and Warren step up or get left behind forever.

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