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Ivanka Trump Sexually ATTACKED By George Lopez, What He Did To Her Will Make You SICK!

George Lopez is an idiot, and only idiots like him, will think that what he did is funny, We never liked him or his show, in his show he played the typical Mexican mama’s boy, and was belittled and humiliated by the actress that played his mother, what he did to Ivanka was terrible, he should be sued for what he’s done.

George Lopez decided to sexually harass our First Daughter on Social Media. He did the unthinkable! Lopez posted a video of two dogs mating, so one of his fans tagged him and asked when they were going to pimp Ivanka.

“She’s ready,” responded Lopez.

The fan then wrote back, “Ok then let’s get her maybe she should spend some time in Mexico,” to which Lopez responded, “That would hurt her brand.”

I guess Lopez used to be funny in the past, but it seems like that time has come and gone.

Here’s a photo of the actual situation.

Trump supporters are angry to Lopez. Her’s how they responded:

“I don’t understand why people cannot respect President Trump and his family. They are working so hard to do what is right and it seems like everyone is against them. We finally have a real President that we have not had in 8 years and there is nothing but hatred and demeaning to this beautiful family.”

Another person said, “Lopez is a disgusting pig! I NEVER watched him because he was NEVER funnny. What a true low life to do this. He’s nothing but another extreme liberal wack job!!!”

Ivanka Trump needs our support!


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