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Ivanka Trump Smashes HISTORIC Record…She Just Humiliated Liberals For GOOD!

How many times have media and left wing attacks on Donald Trump? Nothing they did during the election campaign derailed the “Trump train” to the White House.

Now that he’s firmly ensconced there, Trump’s opponents continue to criticize his every word, but they’ve also decided to up the ante and go after his family, too, boycotting Ivanka.  She’s a Trump though, and has fought back hard with many at her side.

His daughter Ivanka Trump takes after her father (as well as her strongwilled, entrepreneurial mother Ivana) and liberals hate it.

If she was on “their” side, she’d be a feminist heroine, but Ivanka (who in fact isn’t a political ideologue, and even holds some liberal views) is targeted for destruction solely because her last name is Trump.

That really is the only reason. Think about that for a minute: What an unAmerican reason to attack anyone — because of who their father is. It’s practically medieval.

Ivanka Trump has helped run her father’s companies and also has businesses of her own. Incredibly, some of America’s biggest names in retailing agreed to stop stocking her products after a few loud mouth activists bullied them into doing so.

However, Ivanka is having the last laugh:

Ivanka now has the #1 fragrance on the “Amazon Best Sellers” list, ranked above big names like Estee Lauder and Jennifer Lopez.

Apparently for every Trump-hater NOT buying her products, there is MORE than one Trump supporter buying her products to fight back.

Has any First Daughter ever landed on an Amazon #1 list? Didn’t think so.  She is making history in the face of the liberal horde.

What’s bizarre is that Trump-haters thought this plot would work.

Yes, some big name stores dropped Ivanka’s fashion line. But this is 2017: Surely they realized that anyone who wanted to partake in a “buy-cott” to support her could just use Amazon, or use the internet to quickly discover who else still sold her products.

There used to be a political rule that “families” were off limits but Democrats only play by rules when it suits them.

H/T Patriotjournal

How long until even Trump’s critics grow tired of these non-stop attacks on his family members? Surely this mean spirited, negative tactic will backfire?

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