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Jacksonville Jaguars QB Provided Meals for Police Officers Responding to the Horrific E-Sports Shooting

Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Blake Bortles, bought police officers meals after they were tasked with responding to the horrific shooting at an E-sports tournament.

Bortles had his foundation deliver meals to the police department and penned a handwritten note thanking the officers.

“Thank you for everything that you do! Your service today and every day is greatly appreciated,” Bortles wrote.

In response to Bortles’ kind gift, the officers thanked the quarterback and his foundation, admitting that it had been “a long couple of days.”

The foundation set up meals to be served in several shifts, ensuring that every officer had the opportunity to have a meal.

Even though officers continued to thank the quarterback for his generosity, his foundation continued to deflect the gratitude back onto the officers.

Bortles’ generosity and appreciation for the police was a refreshing change of pace from the conflict that has loomed above the NFL for the past couple of seasons.

The NFL’s national anthem controversy started as a protest against police brutality. The first player to kneel was quarterback, Colin Kaepernick — who once wore socks depicting cops as pigs.

The Jacksonville police have been managing the site of a shooting that took place on Sunday. Two people died and 11 were injured after the gunman opened fire during a Madden 19 online sports tournament.

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