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James Comey Was Fired By Trump — Now He’s Sparking Speculation of a 2020 Presidential Run with Photo

Former FBI Director James Comey sparked rumors of a potential 2020 run for the presidency over the weekend by sharing a photo of himself in Iowa, which often hosts the first caucuses of the presidential cycle and is a campaign hotspot for candidates.

“So good to see new growth in Iowa and across the country,” Comey shared a photo of himself standing in a cornfield on Saturday.

The tweet garnered a response from Huffington Posts’s editor in chief, who said, “When you get spanked by an IG this report for being really bad at your job I guess the first thing you do is hint at running for president?”

The former FBI director, however, recently made it clear that he would “never” run for president, saying during his publicity tour for his memoir “A Higher Loyalty,” “Yeah, never — I want to say it again so my wife heard it twice.”

CNN’s Susan Hennessey also pointed out that Comey’s wife is from Iowa.

“It’s been reported hundreds of times at this point that Comey’s wife is from Iowa; as such it’s becoming ridiculous to assume every reference to Iowa is a hint at a campaign as opposed to just a guy visiting his in-laws,” she wrote.

Comey faced heat this week after the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s report found he “deviated” from agency procedures in his handling of the probe into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal.

President Donald Trump responded to the report by blasting Comey, declaring he “will now officially go down as the worst leader, by far, in the history of the FBI” and patting himself on the back for firing him:

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