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James Woods Jumps On The Stage And Steals An Actor’s Shoe For Insulting Trump At WGA Awards

Pro-Trump Hollywood actor James Woods made a hilarious move at the Writer’s Guild Awards. Most Hollywood celebrities are extremely anti-Trump, but James Woods was ready for it. During Patton Oswalt’s speech, he saw James Woods coming. Oswalt said that he wanted to be “careful” with Trump jokes because “I don’t want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage. Which would be an honor by the way. That guy is amazing.”

At that point “Buy a pair of shoes!” yelled Woods from the audience. At this point he went onto the stage and ripped one of Oswalt’s shoes from his foot.

“What are these f*cking shoes? This is an awards show!” said Woods. Oswalt was wearing sneakers to the award show. “By the way, I lost half of my Twitter following today coming here,” said Woods. “Wow, all those egg avatars gone? That’s terrible,” Oswalt responded.

Many people assumed that the whole thing was staged. But it was not. “It wasn’t staged, believe me. Turns out @RealJamesWoods has a genuine self-deprecating sense of humor and can give as good as he gets. Huh,” wrote Oswalt on Twitter.

“@pattonoswalt knocked it out of the park tonight at the @WGAWest Awards. And I stole his shoe! #UnplannedComedyMayhem He’s seriously great!” wrote Woods in return. Check out the video below. The good part starts at minute 3:45.

H/T Conservative101

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