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Jason Whitlock Says This Protest Is Just A Shakedown

Since Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have an NFL job, the Occupy, Black Lives Matter are gathering a support for him.

A protest was scheduled for August 23 at the NFL’s headquarters in New York.

The Empowerment Movement, People’s Consortium and Justice League NYC are the organizations which have their name on the flyer calling for protest, but the organizer of the protest remains unknown.

Spike Lee posted on Twitter promoting this flyer but stated that he is not the coordinator and that he cannot attend:

Some ESPN analysts along with Kaepernick’s girlfriend and Lee think that the NFL is racist, even though the players are 68.7% black and 28.6% white:

After Kaepernick refusal to stand for the national anthem last season, his rating has significantly dropped. ESPN reported that he has the title of “most disliked player” of the season.

Kaepernick chose to end his contract with the NFL last season, and reportedly he has declined an offer in the NFL for the upcoming season.

Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports 1 host, said that the protest is not a search for justice as is a “shakedown” of NFL owners:

 “This is moving into a land and area that I don’t think we’ve ever seen in sports: this invasion of progressive ideology and the progressive movement into the National Football League and sports.”

“This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL and the NFL ownership.”

“Colin Kaepernick, the false narrative, that he’s out of the league because all the owners are racist and he’s being blackballed. Listen, this is simply a case of a guy who’s not good enough — his talents aren’t good enough to justify all the attention and noise and controversy that comes along with him.”

He claimed that this protest for Kaepernick not having a job at NFL is seeping into the ‘notorious’ category:

“This is like the Tawana Brawley of football, this false narrative that we have going here.”

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