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Jeff Sessions Is Starting An Investigation Into Obama’s $6 Billion Settlement

Jeff Sessions was having a hard time this month, mainly because his relationship with President Trump has been falling apart this couple of weeks. This is because Sessions didn’t pay attention to few things that President Trump feels passionate about.

One of those things was his recusal from the Russia probe, in which Trump trusted him to be by his side. And now the investigation turned into a witch hunt.

And now Sessions announced that he is starting an investigation that will make Trump happy. He is investigating a $6 billion settlement that Obama administration moved to progressive causes and friends in left-wing advocacy groups

These people did some very unethical and criminal thing when they were in the White House. They even spent billions of taxpayers’ money to share their agenda and now the people are finding out. The Administration even gave an extra credit to banks if they funded liberal causes.

“Settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to . . . the political friends of whoever is in power,” Sessions stated. But that is a total lie, the Obama administration only cared for their political gain and not the people. Everything they did was only for themselves.

It’s finally getting out what Obama did and how corrupted he was

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