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Jim Carrey Knocks POTUS’ Supporters as ‘Loyal Zombies’ and Takes Aim at Trump’s Call for Border Wall

President Donald Trump is consistent with his demand for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and actor Jim Carrey is taking a swipe at him while also labeling his supporters “loyal zombies.”

According to IJR News, the current partial government shutdown was triggered after President Trump battled with Congress in hopes of receiving $5 billion in funds for the border wall.

The president previously said he would be “proud” to shut down the government over border security and continues to hold his ground.

Carrey’s cartoon-like art, which often takes swipes at President Trump and other Republicans in the White House, is not something new. But this time, his out-of-touch, anti-Trump cartoon takes aim at the president’s call for a border wall while also attacking his supporters.

Now, “The Truman Show” actor is showing his distaste for POTUS’ supporters as he labels them “loyal zombies.”

“Remember Trump’s loyal zombies chanting, ‘Build That Fence’ at his rallies???” Carrey wrote on Twitter. “Me neither!”

Take a look:

The artwork appears to take a shot at the fact that the president’s proposed border wall may turn out to be more like a border fence. President Trump has taken heat lately, even from some of his most vocal supporters, for not having yet fulfilled his campaign promise of building the wall — and it seems Carrey is using the opportunity to mock him.

The former comedian’s politically charged statements have ranged from depicting a bomb in President Trump’s mouth to labeling Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) a “vampire,” as well as showing that he stood by former NFL player Colin Kaepernick amid the controversy over players kneeling during the national anthem.

On the sixth day since the partial government shutdown began, the U.S. Congress met on Thursday, but nothing was restored during their brief meeting, according to IJR News.

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