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Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I Don’t Want to Start the Show With Donald Trump Every Night’

In recent times, Jimmy Kimmel has built himself up as a major player in late-night anti-Trump dickery. It seems we can’t go more than a fortnight without him putting on the waterworks and lecturing us on the hottest political cause of the hour.

Even though Jimbo has happily made grandstanding a major part of his act, he claims he doesn’t even like it. Yes, really:

“There’s a fresh new batch of horrors every single day,” he says. “I don’t want to start the show with Donald Trump every night. Sometimes I’m just giving myself a break, but I do think it’s a relief for people to be reminded that life continues despite his presence.”

Uh, Kimmel helped create Trump’s ominous “presence” in the first place. People wouldn’t need relief in the first place if it weren’t for elitist lefty douchenozzles hyping up Trump as the spawn of Lucifer.

Most of all, Kimmel chafes at being used by both sides. “I would love if one day my point of view could be taken as my point of view rather than some kind of political weapon,” he says. “Because that’s not what I am, and that’s not ever what I intended.”

Sure, Jimmy Kimmel never intended to be a hyper-partisan asshat.

Nobody has been forcing Kimmel to cry like a wee girl over Trump in his monologues. Keep in mind, his show is his show. Kimmel can end the malarkey at any time.

Judging from his remarks, it would seem Jimmy fancies himself as a martyr for the leftist cause. We’re smarter than that. Anyone with half a frontal lobe can see Kimmel is just an attention-seeking dicklord who saw a market for anti-Trump douchebaggery and went all-in.

Speaking of Kimmel.

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