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John McCain Attacks President Trump Again This Time In Italy

It seems like Sen. John McCain favorite thing to do is to attack President Trump.

He has criticized Trump about health care and even voted against the Obamacare repeal.

He attacked him for his excuse of Joe Arpaio.

He attacked Trump’s statement on Charlottesville and defended the Antifa.

And now he crossed every line when he attacked President Trump in another continent, in Italy.

McCain said Americans remain committed to their foreign allies, despite the “actions and statements of our president.”

During a speech at the Ambrosetti Forum, huge economic and policy conference, McCain said that he is aware that comes to Italy “at a time when many are questioning whether America is still committed to remaining engaged in the world, to upholding our traditional alliances and standing up for the values we share”

There is an ongoing dispute in America about the role that U.S. should play in the world, McCain said and pointed out that he is for globalization. He also added that majorities of both parties in America want this alliances, trade, investment, and globalization to happen.

“It may not look that way on Twitter, but that is what opinion polls clearly show, time after time after time,” McCain stated, adding: “Our foreign friends always tend to focus on the person in the White House. But America is far bigger than that.”

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