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John McCain Will Start With Cancer Treatment Next Week

Sen. John McCain made a major betrayal by joining Senate Democrats in voting against revoking Obamacare. According to CNN after the voting, he is going to his home in Arizona to start the medical treatment for his condition.

After he was diagnosed, McCain came back to Senate on Tuesday to vote for starting a debate on Obamacare legislation.

On Tuesday, he stated that he plans to stay on Capitol Hill for “a couple of days”.

“I’m going home for a while to treat my illness,” he stated.

“I have every intention of returning here and giving many of you cause to regret all the nice things you said about me,” he continued.

The exact treatment for McCain’s condition wasn’t revealed, but the regular treatment for glioblastoma is chemotherapy and radiation. As doctors stated, the radiation treatment won’t start until the zone where the tumor was removed is not fully healed.

“The standard treatment is a combination of chemotherapy and a drug called temozolomide, which is an oral drug that is taken every day with radiation — radiation to the tumor, plus an area of an inch surrounding the tumor because there are microscopic cells that can’t be seen in an MRI in the area,” Dr. Mark Gilbert stated for Newsweek, answering the question about standard treatments for gliobastoma. “After that, patients receive the temozolomide, the chemotherapy alone.”

McCain wanted the Senate to go on with the National Defense Authorization Act before leaving Washington because he probably won’t be able to lead floor debate on the legislation due to his treatment.

McCain oversees creating of the National Defense Authorization Act, the annual defense bill that allows Pentagon spending and establishes military policy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to get a joint agreement after the vote to carry on to the defense bill, but he faced an objection from Sen. Rand Paul, R.-Ky.

“Sen. Rand Paul requested two bipartisan amendments, one on ending indefinite detention and one on AUMFs,” Paul spokesman Sergio Gor stated. “He looks forward to working with leadership and the committee to get this done soon.”

The outcome is that the debate on the National Defense Authorization Act will probably be on hold until September, even though McCain’s treatment might not let him come back by that time.

“It is unfortunate that one senator chose to block consideration of a bill our nation needs right now, the National Defense Authorization,” McCain stated Friday.

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