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John Ratzenberger: With Donald Trump’s Win, ‘Adults Are Back In Charge’

“Cheers” star John Ratzenberger was one of the first Hollywood types to support Donald Trump, telling “Fox and Friends” on Thursday that he was already on the “Trump train” when he went on Neil Cavuto’s show last year “pledging his support.”

“It’s nice that adults are back in charge,” Ratzenberger said of Trump’s big win. “[It’s like] okay kids, give us the keys to the car, you’ve done enough damage, now we will take over.”

Ratzenberger also said he thinks its important kids are taught to be self-sufficient from an early age.

“We teach our children that in grammar school and middle school. That’s the age you want to teach them, even if they grow up to be a psychologist or stockbroker, it makes no difference, at least they can fix their own screen door,” he said. “And also they have the fundamentals to go to a manufacturing facility, and be trained in something. But now that’s gone, they don’t even have the facility to be trained.”

One of Trump’s major campaign planks was to bring manufacturing jobs lost oversees back to America.

Ratzenberger played Postal Service employee Cliff Clavin on the long-running comedy.

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