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Jon Voight Has a Message From God About Donald Trump that America NEEDS to Hear!

The liberals can try and claim that Donald Trump doesn’t have celebrity support all they want, but I have 2 things to say to them.

The Political Opinions of Celebrities DO NOT MATTER
Jon Voight Loves Trump and has won a freaking Oscar!
Voight Loves him so much, in fact, that he was one of the first Keynote Speakers at Trump’s Inaugural Concert tonight. He came armed with a great smile and a message for America that All Y’all gotta hear.


Voight is truly a master of his craft. He spoke so elegantly in a way that truly speaks to the hearts of all Trump supporters,

“We have all been witness to a very gruelling year and a half for the president-elect. We have been witness to a barrage of propaganda that left us all breathless with anticipation, not knowing if God could reverse all the negative lies against Mr Trump whose only desire was to make America great again. He certainly didn’t need this job and yes, God answered all our prayers.

Yes, he certainly did. Lots of people may not like Donald Trump as a person because of his life choices, but we all understand that he is exactly what America needed right now to save us from the Globalist elites.

Thank you, legendary actor Jon Voight, for standing with Trump and America even when Hollywood wants to overthrow the Constitution. Help us share the good word out everywhere and God Bless you all!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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