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Joy Behar Attacks Jeff Sessions On Live TV – Instantly Gets Nasty Surprise On Twitter

Joy Behar and the View are really toxic things. Out all of the liberals, Joy Behar really wants to show how much is she working on the liberal agenda. She brutally attacked Jeff Sessions and called him a liar at front of the entire nation. That is a big problem. She disrespected and insulted the Attorney General with no evidence or any sane reason to do something like that.

This is the negativity and the hatred I am talking about all the time. The leftists, obviously, enjoy attacking and insulting Repubicans, and especially the ones who are close to the President. This stupid behavior was not tolerated by the people. The twitter community responded. Joy Behar quickly realized that she made a huge mistake. Well, that happens always when a liberal wants to be a loudmouth. Read these tweets- they are awesome!

Joy Behar should really learn how to be a person with culture and manners. You can not just speak like that in public. Jeff Session is a person with experience and hard work behind him. He was dedicated to this country and now he has the chance to commit even more on the crucial position his on.

H/T Rightforever

Donald Trump never makes a bad choice. I still can not understand why the leftists are still unable to accept the fact that the Republican Party won and the conservative policy will be implemented in our country. Well, they have to learn what’s democracy.

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