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Judge Jeanine Puts ‘The View’ On Blast and Destroys Obama’s ‘Red Line’

Judge Jeanine Pirro can handle an uneven fight.

During an episode of “The View,” Pirro shut down the hosts when they tried to corner her with pointed questions.

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The judge held nothing back when host Whoopi Goldberg asked her if she believed the Helsinki summit was a good idea.


“Every president in the last 75 years has met with the head of the Kremlin,” said Pirro. “I think the most important thing to take back from this meeting is the fact that Russia and the United States have more nuclear power than the rest of the world.”


Pirro went on to explain why changing the strategy towards Russia is important.

“As a result of the annexing of Crimea, we have thrown out Russian officials and nationalists,“ said Pirro. “We have closed consulates. We are also in the United States making sure that — with respect to Russia, had Obama done anything about that red line [..] But for Obama drawing the line in the red sand and doing nothing about a red line in the sand, we wouldn’t have killed hundreds of Russians who were over there.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014, which was a breach of international law. However, President Obama came under fire when he did little to respond to the crime.

According to an Axios poll, over 79 percent of Republicans support Trump’s handling of the summit, although 91 percent of Democrats disapproved. It is uncertain whether the current strategy towards Russia will create a better relationship with the country.

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