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Judge Pirro Shocks Viewers With MASSIVE Announcement

Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the most popular personalities at Fox News. That’s why her fans are rejoicing this week after it was revealed the network has given her another television series.

Bizpac Review reported that Pirro will be hosting a new reality series called “You The Jury,” which will premiere on April 7. The show will feature real civil cases that will be decided by Americans watching at home.

After a case has been presented, viewers will have five minutes to vote on the verdict via text message. The decision following the East coast and central timezone broadcast will be revealed live by Pirro. However, this decision can be overturned after the viewers in the West coast/Mountain time zone vote once the show airs in their area.

Plaintiffs and defendants will have to sign an agreement before appearing on the show consenting to “America’s Vote” as the binding decision in their dispute. They will deliver their own closing arguments as they sit across from each other before America decides their fate.

Pirro is the perfect person to host this show, as she was the first woman elected to serve on the Westchester County Court bench before serving for 12 years as the first female district attorney in Westchester County. She will be joined on the new show by former judge of the Superior Court of California, LaDoris Cordell, who will preside over the cases.


Six attorneys will argue for the defendants and plaintiffs including Jose Baez, who defended Casey Anthony and Benjamin Crump, who represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

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