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JUST IN! Chelsea Clinton Breaks Silence, Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Barron Trump

Chelsea Clinton pleaded with people on Facebook to lay off Barron Trump — while simultaneously using him as a political prop to call out President Trump’s policies.

Clinton, who spent much of her teen years in the spotlight while her father Bill Clinton was president, slammed widespread criticism of the 10-year-old’s behavior throughout inauguration weekend.

“Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid,” Clinton, who often suffered for her father’s philandering during his presidency, posted on Facebook Sunday.

But, in the same post, Clinton — a longtime Ivanka Trump pal — turned political.

“Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids,” she wrote, drawing immediate criticism.

NO CHILD should be targeted because of who their parents are or what position they hold. He is a ten year old little boy. Show him the same respect that was shown to the Bush and Obama daughters and SHOULD HAVE been shown to Chelsea Clinton. The children should be OFF LIMITS.

He’s a good role model for other children , well mannered , polite , and you can tell he’s just a all around good young man. And very handsome . And for people to make fun of him and mock him are just jealous that he isn’t part of their family. Good job Barron , America is proud at least the true ones are.

We must protect children including Barron Trump from bully and social media any negative words. He is just a child.

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