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JUST IN – Inauguration Rioters Get RUDE Awakening, Faced With SERIOUS Charges

Why exactly were people rioting during Trump’s Inauguration? Well, the rioters might be asking themselves the same question now.

Trump protesters who were arrested and charged with felony rioting could be facing 10 years in prison. 

Destroying private property because you lost an election (fairly) doesn’t sound worth it now, does it?

Roughly 230 rioters have been charged. Along with the jail-time, they may have to pay up to a $25,000 fine. Each.

Sadly, this might not even cover the amount of damages the rioters inflicted — on perfectly innocent people and businesses, I might add.

And, oddly enough, the businesses that took the most damage, Bank of America and Starbucks, both made massive donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign!

Hundreds of police officers, equipped with riot gear, were sent to the area to deal with the alarming riots. At least six police officers were injured during these riots.

The most violent area of Washington D.C. during the Inauguration was McPherson Square, and along K Street. The rioters seemingly randomly picked this location to set fires, including to a limo. It is two blocks from the White House, but Trump was likely not in the building at the time.

Police had to deploy pepper spray, tear gas, and even flash-bang grenades to control the rioters. City police chief Peter Newsham did not want things to go this way. “The charge is rioting… Our intention going into this event was to make zero arrests, and unfortunately they forced our hand.”

When the rioters start throwing rocks and causing injury to police officers, they certainly know they’ll be arrested. To me, one of the most heinous acts committed was the burning of an American flag.

Of course, that’s not illegal — just cowardly. I’m pleased these rioters have been charged. Maybe next time Liberals will think before they destroy property and harm others over a completely fair election!

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Source Angrypatriotmovement

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